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Post-Race Survey

Please take just a few moments, follow this link, and fill out our post-race survey to help us continue to improve the Run for the Paws!


Results are posted!

Thank you to everyone that came out this morning to join in our 2013 Run for the Paws! We have been so lucky to have 7 successful years thanks to all our participants and volunteers. Human results are now posted, dog results will be soon to follow, and pictures are currently being sorted. We will keep you posted! Thanks again!

Triple Crown Awards!!!!

Just to let you know, we are now part of a series of events that include the Run for the Paws, the Swamp Stomp, and the Fast & the Furriest!!!  All of these events benefit shelters in our area.  If you complete all three, you will receive special recognition after the third event (Fast & the Furriest)!  Look for more information on race day and in the dog goodie bags!

Yay for registrations!

We’ve seen an increase in registrations over the last few days! Could it be resolutions? We’re just happy everyone is joining in! If you haven’t signed up yet, make sure you get in before that price increase. 23 days and counting…